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"The truth is you create your own reality"

"Set yourself free and create a life worth living, start by taking back control, tune into your true desires, live with authenticity and create who you wish to be"

Hi I’m Heidi
your mindset, wellness and empowerment coach

I don’t know how you found me, but I am glad you did…it’s kismet.

I help ambitious women as a certified Mindset, wellness and empowerment coach . My coaching style uses the unique combination of mindset therapies, hypnosis, tantra, personal training and nutrition plus all of the things I learnt working as an international airline pilot to create real results.

I am deeply committed to personal growth and wellness.  My life’s passion is about helping women feel vibrant, to celebrate in their uniqueness and empowered to shine their light on the world. Let me help you upgrade your life , break free from mental constraints and confidently live the life of your dreams.  

I believe with patient support, kind accountability and a safe space to connect to your true self that it is 100% possible to thrive as the empowered version of your higher self.

Here are a few ways I can help- Lets see what feels right for you