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What if I told you

You could have the work-life-balance that makes you feel calm, a healthy lifestyle that gives you great energy and makes you feel vibrant, a thriving relationship that fills you with joy and sensuality, a successful career that makes you feel bold and empowered, and a connected and loving relationship with yourself that allows you to turn your dreams into reality


This unique single-session offer is for the ambitious woman who wants to enhance certain areas of her life. To feel that true sense of wellness by gaining clarity on her mission, alignment with her health, balance in her relationships, and is aware that nothing will get her ahead as effectively as a personal touch, 1:1 support. The 3-hour immersion is perfect for you if you are finally ready to kickstart the powerful journey towards the abundance you desire in your life and career but are not sure how to move forward. You will walk away feeling empowered. Connected to your true self, focused on your goal and what to do next, aware of the habits that will help you show up for yourself, and conscious of the beliefs that will make your dreams happen in the shortest amount of time.

Are you ready to?

Connect to your higher self today. Become mindful of your mental blocks, consciously change limiting beliefs, be aware of the habits that serve you, and illicit the strategy for crushing your personal and professional goals in one intensive immersion.


Not ready to go all in and invest in one of my longer-term coaching options?  My intensive immersion is a bespoke session to help you gain clarity on your goal, see what mental, physical, and environmental blocks are standing in your way, and uncover the personal strategy that will guide you to fulfilling your goal.  Leave empowered and embodying that more authentic version of you…all in a single 3-hour call.


Don’t worry lovely, I got you

In just one session

During this immersion you will be taken through a transformational journey of personal growth, that will completely level up your awareness, and mindset and create a sense of true wellness and fulfillment.  So if you are ready to kickstart your journey and set up a solid foundation to build your most abundant dream life then this is for you.

These amazing results don’t lie

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“Heidi has changed my life since we worked together- I am not exaggerating I have more health, wealth and happiness in all areas of my life, I will forever be thankful”

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