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Having wellness and feeling balanced is what I strive for every day of my life, It is what I help my clients to achieve with each session.  Balanced wellness is my intimate 9-week hybrid course in which you’ll learn how to love your life again.  This journey guides you to Master your mindset, create awareness, gain clarity and reclaim your power to thrive and feel calm, confident and balanced

Are you ready to ready to ditch the stress, the confusion, the overwhelm and the self sabotage?  Is it time to connect to you, to show up for yourself and raise your energetic vibrations to become a confident magnet for your desires?.  Imagine if you felt happier, more inspired and intentional with your everyday actions.  Doing the things you love, creating the thriving life you dream of and focusing your energy on what matter most.

Within only 9 weeks, I help you to get clear on your vision for the future and establish what you need to do to manifest those goals into existence.  As you redefine your entire identity and create a beautiful life for yourself from the inside out.

Being offered in early 2023 as a 1:1 high touch program

Does this sound like you?

If the answer to any of these is YES then you are in the right place

How would you feel if …


I know you are an ambitious woman and have big goals and dreams, but

I also know that you have fears and doubts that prevent you from making progress. There are times you feel totally overwhelmed, stuck or like your goals are still so far away from becoming a reality. You lack clarity, inner confidence, and consistency.

That’s ok, its part of the rocky journey of life

Trust me I have been through it all and I am here to show you the exact steps to a more balanced and fulfilling life

There are many times when I felt exactly the same way, when I wanted to move forward but it felt uncomfortable or confusing.  When I had a goal but was unclear of the steps to take to achieve it successfully and felt overwhelmed.  When I allowed myself to create unhealthy habits, lost my motivation and totally lacked self-confidence.  Or I neglected my needs and my self-care routines changed to being ‘busy’, overthinking, and left me stressed with my well-being on the backburner. There are times when I have been all work, or all life and been unable to find a happy balance without disappointing myself or others. Or just not being in tune with my true self, leaving me feeling misaligned and unfulfilled.  If there is one thing I have learned on my journey it’s that the path to wellness and to creating your best most balanced, beautiful life is on the other side of your fears and the other side of your comfort zone.

It’s time to break free from the safety of your comfort zone and open yourself up to all the possibilities you can create when you put the work into being the best version of yourself.

I have created a life I love. Because I leaned in to change, found my inner voice, and connected to my authentic self. I learned to prioritize myself, make room for my self-care routines and start paying attention to my thoughts feelings habits, and actions.  What I discovered on my journey was unwavering confidence, a fire in my belly for a job that aligns with the woman I want to be, the ability to be present in my relationships, work, and my life and feel balanced, and a deep sense of fulfillment in the knowledge that my actions are aligned with my true self.  

Your reality is created through your thoughts, your beliefs, and your actions. So, if you want to exude well-being and balance on the outside you first need to create it on the inside.

Take your power back and make your dreams a reality.



Together we will define your main goal, release the self sabotaging behaviours holding you stuck and I will teach you the tools, habits and strategies to create the life of your dreams

This is the exact structure and timeline that has worked for many women like you.

I know there are lots of coaches out there, and maybe you’re not sure what you need. I use the unique combination of mindset therapies, hypnosis, tantra, personal training and nutrition, and all the things I learnt working as an international airline pilot, achieving success in a male dominated industry at the biggest airline in the world to bring you this hybrid course.  

Maybe you are worried about the energetic investment and not ready to commit to my high touch 1:1 transformation.. Well that’s the great thing about the hybrid program it is mix of 4 x 1:1 sessions and 5 group sessions so you get the benefit of personal touch coaching and also the support of like minded women on your journey at a price in your budget.


This is fully customisable to you using the 1:1 sessions and uses a framework in the group sessions.  Every session starts with tantric breathwork, meditation or gentle yoga to open the chakras, invite in positive energy and create harmony between the body, mind and the spirit

We will begin by helping you to understand your main area of concern that may be causing stress, overwhelm and keeping you stuck. From there we can set a realistic goal that makes you feel motivated to take action. The goals you set will serve as a foundation for building confidence and being empowered to create lasting change and find more fulfillment in your life.

This week we will connect to your authentic self as we dig deep to uncover what you value most about your goal. From there we can make sure the goal is in alignment with your vision for your best self. This type of awareness will create the sense of connection to you goal that drives your motivation following this we will do an empowering exercise to elicit your positive triggers for driving motivation so you can utilise that strategy to feel confident in your process as you embark on the journey.

As a group we will dig deep to see what habits are supporting wellness and which ones are holding you back from being the best version of yourself. You will learn to set your environment to create calm organisation, delve into your behaviours so you can prioritise your mental, physical and emotional health. Gaining this clarity will allow you to destress and free yourself from burnout so you feel connected to yourself and trust you have the tools to thrive . We will uncover anything getting in your way (nutrition, sleep, movement & self care). You will understand why self-love is the gateway to consistent habits and the key to creating balance and how showing up for yourself is a habit you can make every day. We will finish the session by getting crystal clear then on the exact steps you need to take connect the healthy habits with your goal, removing that feeling of overwhelm and allowing you to feel comfortable to prioritise your needs and confident on your path to wellness.

This week will teach you to consciously become aware of the thoughts, feelings and beliefs holding you to self sabotage. You will identify the woman you want to be in a powerful visualisation and discover the power of thinking in more positive way giving you insight into yourself you never imagined. We will dig deep and uncover limiting beliefs that no longer serve you and become consciously aware of what beliefs will help you to show up as the best version of yourself. This session will finish with a beautiful mediation to enhance the positive connection to the version of yourself you really want to be.

This week we will do a fun exercise to enhance co operation with the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind stores, organises and represses memories and unresolved negative emotion. It may repress them for protection or present them for resolution. It is a highly moral being, that runs and preserves the body. It needs clear orders to follow and likes repetition to create habits working on a path of least resistance. The unconscious mind maintains instinct, it transmits and stores energy and its programmed to seek more and more. So this week we will explore the power on the unconscious mind and deepen the connection to yourself.

This session will uncover the power of tantra so you can connect to your divine feminine energy. You will learn some powerful rituals to centre yourself when life throws curve balls and there are moments of stress or anxiety . Discover the importance of healthy self-talk and positive mantras so that you can truly start to believe in the power of you. You will get real and raw with your true self and learn to love and own who you are at the core so that you can show up as the vibrant woman you want to be and create more presence in your relationships

This week we will work with the unconscious mind. Using the therapeutic and hypnotic approach of time line therapy will release unresolved negative emotions in order to support long-term transformation and promote better mind-body health. This session focuses on what can be learnt from past events and how to utilise these learnings as a resource for a positive future. You will feel a sense of calm connectedness and deep understanding of yourself that will make room for what matters most and create balance

This week we will dive deep and discover what limiting decisions are keeping you in the past and preventing you from living your best life. We will connect to what you truly want and focus on new decisions that align with your goals and dreams. This powerful process will release you from self doubt and make it possible to reach your goals and create the momentum to succeed.

You will walk away with clarity on exactly what you want, who you want to be and rock-solid tools and habits to create your best life with confidence. You will stand empowered in your life as the best version of yourself having learned how to release the beliefs that no longer serve you so you can be unstoppable. You will feel aligned to yourself and your feminine energy in ways that will project you forward with self love and self compassion. You will have learned the skills to overcome overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout with a deep understanding of the habits that keep you calm, connected and healthy in your daily life so you can focus your energy and presence on what matters most. You will walk away as the woman you want to be and finally show up for youself feeling a sense of balanced wellness

What you get

Offered for a limited time in 2023 as a 1:1 package for the same price.
Get more value and more support

Hear what Kate had to say

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“When I met Heidi I was wanting help with creating more balance in my life; I wanted to reprioritise my health, family life & business productivity. Being a busy mum and entrepreneur, I had slowly spent less and less time on me. Within 5 weeks of being coached by Heidi, I have rejoined the gym, lost a few kgs, my sleep, nutrition and self-care has improved. Productivity at work has increased and I happened to have my best ever month in my business while working with her. For me, the biggest win has been feeling more balanced with my family life and a deep sense of knowing I am in control of my life.

I could not recommend Heidi and her coaching enough, she went above and beyond with practical support and resources to ensure I re ached my goals. Over the years I have worked with many coaches & Heidi has been one of the best with her gentle & patient way of unravelling your beliefs and helping you make sense of them and letting go of anything that is unhelpful. Anyone thinking of working with Heidi I would say wholeheartedly jump at It if you are ready for your life to be upgraded”


All calls will be via zoom so you can join from any place in the world, calls usually take place on Saturday, the exact time will be discussed with the group to suit all time zones.  All calls will be recorded so if you miss one you can watch it later.  All 1:1 calls will be coordinated with the individual at a time that suits.

These are intimate group sessions with no more than 6 women in a group plus your coach.  This allows a safe and intimate space and meaningful connections with the other women

All groups are selected by me, so you can be sure that you will feel safe, supported and understood at all times.  If you are not sure if the group format is for you book a call and I can go through the process with you.

If you’re overwhelmed and stressed out, then a high-touch hybrid program is *exactly* what you need. Not only will it fast-track your way to bring your #1 goals into your reality, but it will also equip you with everything you need to know about time + energy management so you feel a sense of balanced wellness.  With just one call per week and a group of great women you will look forward to this time for you and manifesting your dreams every week.

Amazing!! Just click the link to book in a discovery call and if we are the right fit you’ll be onboarded into the program and introduced to the other women in the group.