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Hi I’m Heidi, its nice to meet you

I am a certified Mindset, wellness and empowerment coach for ambitious, motivated women who are ready to upgrade their lives, break free from their mental constraints and live the life of their dreams.

Using the unique combination of mindset therapies, nutrition, personal training, tantra, and the many things she learnt working as an international airline pilot at the biggest airline in the world Heidi’s holistic approach to coaching empowers women to elevate their mind, body and soul so they can create true wellbeing and level up their lives.

Heidi also works as a certified hypnosis, NLP, TLT practitioner and she is the Founder of Heidi McDiarmid PSCS a personal coaching brand and online platform. Her focus is on 4 pillars of wellness: physical, intellectual, environmental and emotional culminating in female empowerment, self love and aligned purpose

Her core message is that anything is possible, the life you want is right on the other side of your comfort zone and it is possible provided you’re prepared to believe in yourself and commit to doing the inner work.

“it all begins and ends in the mind, what you give power to has power over you”

Are you ready to give power to your best self?


6 years ago I got to the lowest I have ever been. I had moved from Australia to Dubai for my “dream job” as an airline pilot for one of the biggest airlines in the world.  The first year it was so exciting and shiny and new, I went out socialising a lot to make new friends in my new city.  Little by little I lost myself in trying to figure out who I was in the new city.  My days had increasing amounts of destructive behaviour patterns leading to declining health and physical wellness.  My mind was filled with negative thoughts leading to a decline in my emotional wellness and total lack of self love.  I spent time every morning, spiralling into limiting thoughts and self pity making me feel trapped in the environment I chose for myself.  And I was constantly worrying what other people thought, trying to make them like and accept me, seeking perfection at work and comparing myself to others which was affecting my intellectual wellbeing.  I realised nothing I was doing or being was aligned with the woman I wanted to be, it made me feel totally, unworthy of love, empty inside and unfulfilled.

Yes, you are correct, I was sabotaging my own happiness, pretty much ever day, feeling like my identity was lost and out of touch with who I really am, I had no vitality, no goals, no purpose and zero desire to continue down that path.  I was getting in the way of living my happiest life.

My dream life felt like a lie. I knew something had to change! I wanted to change how I felt and to do that I had to prioritise myself, create space for self care routines and tune into my thoughts, feelings, habits and actions.

It was time that I believed in myself enough to emerge from this dark place

Little did I know then that the commitment that would get me out of that life funk was going to see me rise up stronger than I had ever been before.  I had so much more to give to my work, my relationships and myself and my confidence became unwavering.  Integrating easy practises that fed my soul allowed me to be much more present and intentional in my every day life and feel a sense of true wellness and balance.

I didn’t know then but thoughts, beliefs and self talk have so much power.  By changing my mindset and taking inspired action in alignment with the vision of higher self I have been able to become the person I am today.

It’s because I found how to be AUTHENTIC to the core of myself, and I finally fell back in love with ME.

I re-introduced myself, educated myself, dug deep and struck gold

With that change in mindset I knew deep down who I was supposed to be and that’s what keeps me motivated, even when times are tough and life has turbulence.  Feeling my why and that true alignment with the things I value the most in respect to my wellbeing keeps me moving forward.  Keeps me actively doing the things that I knew would all add up and eventually take me to my dream life.  

I am deeply committed to personal growth and wellness and I have a deep, genuine and compassionate understanding and care for the women I work with.  My life purpose Is to lift them up and see them thrive as the empowered version of their higher self

But I had to first do that to myself.



Instead of struggling with trial and error, you can use the coaching strategies and tools that have been proven to transform your mind and thus your life.  

You are meant to be the woman who wakes up every morning feeling, vibrant and empowered to shine her light on the world.  Who stands up for herself and consciously chooses daily practices that come from a place of celebrating her uniqueness, a place of true self-love.  

Throughout my coaching career, I have helped women transform their lives by guiding them gently and patiently.  I know because you are reading this that you are ready to unravel and let go of the limiting beliefs and negative emotions holding you back and start taking action in the direction of your dreams and make them a reality.  

It is time for you to heal, renew your purpose, connect with yourself and gain the clarity you need to embody your absolute potential.  You already have everything you need inside of you to start showing up as the most aligned version of you, you simply need to allow her to step up.  

By reconnecting with yourself through coaching you will be able to grow your awareness of the pillars of well-being, identify elements that hinder your progress, and reframe anything that no longer serves you.  The result, find-balance and be the most empowered and confident version of yourself.


I am a certified mindset, wellness and empowerment coach for ambitious women who are ready to break free from mental constraints, embody their vision of holistic wellness and take their reality to the next level .

Heidi is teaching private clients and group classes to gain clarity on the life they truly want and the steps they need to do take to achieve it, to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs and step out of a cycle of self sabotage and self loathing, to deepen their relationships and to connect to their divine feminine energy and remove energy blockages.  

Heidi Is coaching driven women in the pillars of well-being- improving physical well-being, emotional well-being, environmental well-being, and intellectual well-being culminating in personal growth, mental wellness, and lifestyle design.  

Heidi’s core values are authenticity, mindful communication, connection, passion, integrity and education

In addition to her powerful work as a coach, Heidi is also an international airline pilot, lifestyle bodybuilder, tantra practitioner and advocate for healthy, sexy living. Cultivating her holistic approach to life she shares her knowledge about the power of the mind as well as how to live a balanced life through nourishing the body, and soul

Here’s what Kate had to say

“Heidi has changed my life since we worked together- I am not exaggerating I have more health, wealth and happiness in all areas of my life, I will forever be thankful”

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