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Hi I’m Heidi
your mindset, wellness and empowerment coach

I am a certified Mindset, wellness, and empowerment coach for ambitious, motivated women who are ready to upgrade their lives, break free from their mental constraints, and live the life of their dreams.

I use the unique combination of the mindset therapies, nutrition, personal training, tantra, and the many things I’ve learnt working as an international airline pilot at the biggest airline in the world. My holistic approach to coaching empowers women to elevate their mind, body and soul so they can create true wellbeing and level up their lives.

I also work as a certified hypnosis, NLP, TLT Practitioner and I am the Founder of Heidi McDiarmid PSCS a personal coaching brand and online platform. My focus is on 4 pillars of wellness: physical, intellectual, environmental and emotional culminating in female empowerment, self love and aligned purpose.

My core message is that anything is possible, the life you want is right on the other side of your comfort zone and it is possible provided you’re prepared to believe in yourself and commit to doing the inner work.

“It all begins and ends in the mind, what you give power to has power over you”

Two week habit tracking guide


Lacking connection to your needs, feeling overwhelmed, self sabotaging & inconsistency with your healthy habits


Creating awareness in your routines, rituals and practices So that your wellbeing journey comes from a place of self love. Sign up for this guide and discover which healthy habits and behaviours best support you in creating true wellbeing

Creating the new you meditation


Connect to your inner voice to define a version of yourself and a goal that feels aligned, feel healthy, happy, successful and abundant.

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